Business Philosophy

A partnership with Plymouth Beef will allow you to increase your sales and profitability for products in this category. We provide superior product quality, excellent service and take pride in our food safety leadership. Plymouth Beef provides the best, pure, all beef hamburger patties and bulk ground beef products with the taste profile that delivers a juicy, flavorful experience every time.

We achieve this by consistently maintaining high quality standards, day in and day out. We simply pay attention to the details.  Starting with our procurement standards, to our consistent production quality, to our warehousing and logistics management, to our pricing strategy and, most of all, to our customer needs.

“We pay attention to our customers,” means more than we just listen to them and provide the specifications they want in their orders. It means we really listen to our customers and have a constructive dialogue in order to develop the products and level of service that best suits each customers individual needs.

Putting our customers first is more than a cliché, it is our job and it’s our reputation.

The very best restaurants rely on Plymouth Beef everyday!

Our customer honor roll includes:

• The nation’s leading foodservice distributors.
• National Restaurant Chains.
• Small and mid-size independent restaurant chains
• Many quick serve & casual restaurants.
• High end steakhouses, deli’s, caterers, and hotels.
• Schools, hospitals, and universities.
• Independent markets and supermarket chains.