Free Flow Ground Beef

In your operation when you want to serve an amazing handmade burger or make your own signature meatballs, you need to use the very best ground beef. Our free flow ground beef performs at a consistently high level. Unlike the commodity products that are tightly packed, our free flow process allows the product to naturally fill the vacuum packaging so the meat is not crushed, allowing for superior texture, workability, and flavor.

Our free flow ground beef is available in 5 or 10 lb. vacuum packaging, 10 lb. tubes, fresh or frozen, and in multiple lean to fat ratios. This product is also available in all of our brands and product levels.


              Our Process

Our product is produced consistently day in day out giving you the reliability needed every time. The free flow beef is hand laid into the packaging allowing air to flow freely which translates into great ease of use.

For each item we produce a fixed formula so the blend is always consistent contrasted against a commodity tube that can fluctuate with what goes in it. Our product also is free of any additives or fillers.