Bulk Ground Beef

At Plymouth Beef we pride ourselves on making a high quality free flow ground beef.  We have many different options and blends available to meet the needs of many discerning customers.  Our product is made for center of the plate applications that will please both the Chef and the customer.


Our Bulk Ground Beef

• Made to Order.
• 24 Day Shelf Life from date of pack.
• Have a use by date on each package.
• Features state of the art 5 and 10 lb. vacuum packaging.
• Case sizes vary from 10 lb. up to 80 lb.
• Product available in 10 lb. tubes.
• Product produced under Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certification.
• Never have any fillers or by-products added.


Product Availability

• 80/20 Beef
• 85/15 Beef
• 90/10 Beef
• 75/25 Beef
• Angus Beef
• CAB Angus
• Specialty Blends
• Prime
• Natural
• Halal
• Fresh or Frozen