Pineland Farms & Niman Ranch Natural Beef

The Global Animal Partnership (GAP)  promotes improving animal welfare in agriculture.  We produce 2 brands that are committed to GAP principles which promote humanely raised animals with dignity & respect.  Pineland Farms and Niman Ranch support these values as well as raising animals that have not been given steroids, antibiotics, or other growth stimulants.  They are grown on small family farms the “Natural” way.

Pineland Farms Natural Beef

• Supporting over 250 small family farms primarily located in the Northeastern United States.
• Cattle are raised responsibly with minimal environmental impact.
• Features a NEVER EVER program that never allows the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.
• Fed a strict vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.
• Committed to raising animals humanely with dignity & respect.
• Harvested in 22-24 months vs. 14-16 months for regular cattle.
• Products grade out to high choice and prime delivering great flavor and tenderness.


Niman Ranch

• Supporting over 700 family farms in 28 states.
• Livestock raised according to environmentally sustainable practices.
• Animals raised humanely.
• Livestock fed a vegetarian diet and never any animal by-products.
• NEVER EVER program as the animals never receive antibiotics or growth hormones.
• Niman Ranch inspects each ranch making sure their strict protocols are followed.
• Product well known as some of the highest quality product available.