Smash Ball

Plymouth Beef  “Smash Ball”

For the operator that wants to serve a burger with a homemade, back of the house appearance look no further than our Plymouth Beef Smash Ball. Made in portion sizes starting at 6 ounces separated by patty paper, we have a product that eliminates ever having to weigh ground beef for patties. It also eliminates the possibility of cross contamination in the kitchen and keeps the product as fresh as possible.


However, the best part is the taste.  Made with minimal pressure, the smash balls are extremely tender and lend to an outstanding eating experience you would never get from a product coming out of a tube.  You can utilize the smash ball on either a flat grill or char broiler, simply smash directly on a flat grill or press on a firm surface or utilize a burger ring and place onto the char broiler.  All of our blends are available, so if you prefer 80/20 ground beef or USDA Prime, or anything in between, Plymouth beef the right “smash ball” for your operation.

Our Smash Ball

  • • Made to order
  • • 24 Day Shelf Life from date of pack.
  • • Have a use by date on each package.
  • • Features state of the art vacuum packaging.
  • • Product produced under Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 Certification.
  • • Never have any fillers or by-products.

Product Availability

  • • 6 oz Smash Ball
  • • 7 oz Smash Ball
  • • 8 oz Smash Ball
  • • 10 oz Smash Ball
  • • 12 oz Smash Ball
  • • 80/20 Blend, Angus Blend, CAB Blend, Natural Blend, Prime Blend, Specialty Blends