Quality Assurance

qaSafe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 Certified Production Facility

Plymouth Beef believes that food safety is of vital importance. Plymouth Beef has taken our Food Safety program to the next level as we are part of the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) program. We have achieved a Level 3 Certification, the highest level currently available in the industry. We are one of the few ground beef processors in the country to have achieved this level. We are proud to be part of this global food safety partnership. This certification shows Plymouth Beef Company’s commitment to food safety over and above the regulatory requirements, current industry standards and that of our competitors. The SQF program is above and beyond our comprehensive HACCP and ISO programs that insure the safety of our products. All our employees take great pride to produce the most wholesome products available.

At Plymouth Beef we are on the cutting edge of all quality assurance technologies. We employ inline extractor devices to reduce the possibility of bone chips or gristle getting into the finished product. We use Safeline® metal detection systems to monitor our package for customer protection and safety. We employ Anyl Ray® machines to monitor fat content. We have a coding system in place to provide rapid trace back and identification of all finished product. At all times the finished product can be source verified onsite through our rapid track back program.

Both raw materials and finished product are part of an elaborate microbiolgical testing protocol program to maintain the highest standards and produce the safest products available.

SQF Logo on every box!